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Take a moment to think about the pros and cons before you create that online dating profile. Convenience: College students typically have a lot on their plate: classes, jobs, internships, volunteering, athletics, you name it.Finding time to just hang out at campus events, parties or bars isn’t always a guaranteed way to meet someone who sparks your interest.Who's it for: "Celebrities" and "influencers" You certainly don't earn a reputation as the "Illuminati Tinder" by letting in any old schmo.Gaining access to Raya involves an extensive application process, where a committee weighs a combination of factors, including your “overall Instagram influence" and who recommended you, before voting you in or out.If you're worthy enough to be accepted, you'll be swiping through stock that includes everyone from Kelly Osbourne and Patrick Schwarzenegger, to Elijah Wood and Trevor Noah.You better not go around bragging to everyone that you matched with some semi-famous Who's it for: Ivy League snobs Sparkology sells itself as a luxury matchmaking service for "well-intentioned men and women," where the dudes are all verified grads of top-tier schools, and you can only join if you're invited by the site's team or referred by a current member.I mean, can you even Luckily, there's a whole subset of exclusive dating apps catered to elite clientele that restrict access only to users who meet certain standards.Here's a peek at how the desperately single other half dates.

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suggests meeting in a public place and telling a friend about where you’ll be. Stigma: Despite the fact that about 17% of newly married couples have met online, there’s still a social stigma attached to online dating.

Online dating makes it easy to squeeze in time for finding a potential date.

Students can scroll through dating site profiles on their lunch break, in between writing papers or on a lazy Sunday morning.

Some other interesting details: guys have to pony up a virtual currency to initiate conversation with a lady, and the app provides a concierge service that will help you boost your profile and even plan out a whole date when you're ready to take things offline. The League claims to screen users via some mysterious algorithm that "keeps [the] community well-balanced and high-quality," while somehow hiding you from friends, “business connections,” and coworkers.

It also promises no bait-and-switches ("You’ll never have to wonder if that Harvard hottie is too good to be true"), but who cares, you're too popular as it is, anyway!

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